Hunter's Premonition

by Ruined



These songs were written during various stages over the last few years. Stories of toxic memories and absolution, "Hunter's Premonition" is the terminus of an aphotic chapter and the genesis of one more steadfast.

Cassettes available through Glowing Window Recordings

Recorded at Amber Lit Audio by Matt Ten Clay
Mastered at Reed Recording Company by Andy Reed


released May 26, 2015



all rights reserved


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Ruined Grand Rapids, Michigan

Gloomy drum and bass funeral gloom from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Track Name: Opal
Veins trace
Careful stones
Within the ore.
Track Name: Onyx
The clock is rain
All I know is the time I have left

Waiting for the sun
To carry us all far away

Far away...

No one speaks ill of the dead

We never know our own
Poisonous thoughts
This season's full of strife
Break your own life

No one speaks.
Track Name: Guardian
I can't look away
It's too perfect for life

Crawl through clouds
All we have found
Hunting tides

We can't find the shore
Hold on
Clawing at the sand
Hold on

Hunting tides
Haunting eyes

We can't take much more
Graze my skin
My bones
Float away
Track Name: Some Years Don't Matter
See it hold the silent day
There's no way to break the flood
Debris takes me away

Take hold...

See it hold the silent day
There's no way to break the flood

Take hold
There's no one here
To play your games
To wait for shame
Too late to be blamed
To be saved

Weigh them down until they drown
No Heaven to lift them from Hell
Stay awake do not break.